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Professional Strata Painting Contractors in Sydney

Painting a single house can be difficult. Imagine the challenge of painting a block of multi-level houses. This will turn out to be a time- and energy-consuming task. You might not have the time and energy to paint the property yourself.

Good thing DRJ Painting can relieve you of this responsibility by taking on the challenges ourselves.

Best-Value Service

Regular maintenance work is needed to keep apartments and condominiums looking new. Without it, the property’s value can decline significantly. Furthermore, properties that are not taken care of will adversely affect your company, the council members of the property and residents. We make sure to help prolong the lifespan of our paint job by using only the best paints and doing regular maintenance procedures.

As we aim to give our clients the best strata painting job we can provide, we offer reasonable pricing structures for all our clients. This way, we can work with them without breaking their budget. Our team can even give you a free estimate and quote before any work commences – completely free of charge!

Meticulous and Professional Performance

DRJ Painting guarantees fast, easy and effective results. With our years of experience, we are confident that our team of painters can handle any job. It is our goal to give our clients the best customer service we can. This is why we put a premium on professionalism. Whenever possible, we take our time to talk with each client, so we can gain a mutual understanding of every project. We work to ensure all our paint jobs are finished on time. If you are still having doubts, visit our testimonial page to hear from our happy customers.

Aside from getting ideas from clients, we aim to streamline the paint application process. When it comes to painting condominiums and apartments, decision-making falls on the shoulders of strata council members. This can be a stressful task, especially if your property has a lot of residents. Furthermore, it can be hard to make decisions if you are not well-versed in the painting industry. We can help in negotiating with the council members!

Lastly, we are happy to provide consultation services for free. We can advise the best types of paints, techniques and finishes depending on the requirements. This makes the project planning easier and more convenient. Our expertise ensures that your property only gets services tailor-fit to your needs.

Industry-Recognised Team

There is nothing better than getting services from competent and skilled experts. This is why we assembled a team who have the qualifications to do the job right. In fact, our dedicated team is licensed by industry leaders such as Master Painters Australia, and Aussie Painters Network. Moreover, we are accredited contractors of Ebix Trades Monitor, Dulux, WorkCover, Hayme, British Paints and Strata Paint.

Should you need assistance from great and reliable strata painting experts, you can always give us a call. We provide free consultation and give free quotes. Feel free to visit the other pages in this website.

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